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This page is where you will find short news articles and other musings related to Bible Physics, i.e., the Biblical metaphors related to fundamental physics. All articles are listed in the reverse order of their date of publication.

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Faces, Wings, Feet and Eyes
Seraphim, the Burning Ones!
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Nothing Can Move Faster Or Slower than Light!
Bible Physics!


May 1, 2007 4:20 PM EST


I have been having serious misgivings about continuing this work, or rather, about posting my findings on the web. Just the other day, I was doing a little research on Google about the Coral Castle, a strange tourist attraction south of Miami where I live. Apparently Edward Leedskalnin, the builder of Coral Castle, stumbled upon some powerful secret which he claimed was known to the ancient builders of the great Pyramid of Egypt. What intrigued me is a little book written by Leedskalnin on the subject of magnetism. In it, he claims that the theory he proposed makes sense only if the reader orients himself due east while reading the descriptions. One should note that the Coral Castle, just like the great pyramid of Egypt and other megalithic structures around the world, is aligned to true north. I did not get much from the book in the way of inspiration because of its strange cryptic style but, as I mention elsewhere in these pages, the secret of the seraphim, the constituents of an immense sea of energy in which we move, has something to do with their movements along absolute 2-D planes. The earth's axis certainly has a fixed north-south orientation due to its rotation. An imaginary surface cutting through the earth at a perpendicular angle to the north-south axis would constitute a fixed 2-D plane. Whether or not this plane is perfectly aligned with one of the absolute fixed planes of the seraphim, I do not know yet; but I have this funny feeling that the little Latvian was onto something big. I sorely need to conduct a few experiments of my own but my current situation won't let me.

Anyway, I edited and made a few additions to the Seraphim page while I am debating whether or not this is the right time for this knowledge to emerge. There is a lot more stuff I want to write about but, frankly, I am afraid. Forgive my use of the vernacular but this is truly powerful shit I am meddling with here. This stuff is downright scary. The artificial intelligence stuff is scary too but the physics stuff is scarier, in my opinion, if only because I believe it can be implemented by almost anybody on a very short notice. In a world so divided and shaken by strife and violence, this is the sort of thing that would surely bring us face to face with catastrophe on a global scale. Unless we change our ways, of course. More to come...


April 10, 2007 9:40 PM EST

Faces, Wings, Feet and Eyes

Check out the latest additions to the Seraphim page under Intrinsic Properties. Understanding these metaphors is a must. Unfortunately, I am finding it difficult to convey my own understanding in words. I will need to draw some pictures and work on it some more. Please be patient.


April 4, 2007 1:40 PM EST

Seraphim, the Burning Ones!

I just uploaded the Seraphim page. I am still working on it but I know some of my readers are a little impatient and cannot wait until it is finished. More to come...


March 31, 2007 5:45 PM EST

Nothing Can Move Faster Or Slower than Light!

Ok. I know this comes as a surprise and even a disappointment to many but it's the truth. Check out the explanation for yourselves. Those of you who see this as meaning that we have no hope of ever going to the stars and galaxies beyond our own, don't despair. In the future, we will have technologies that will allow us to jump from anywhere to anywhere in the universe almost instantly. Why? Because distance is an illusion. Oh, and there is no time travel either. Sorry. This does not mean that what's past is lost, however, but that's another story for later.

P.S. I am working on a page in which I will reveal the amazing secrets of the Seraphim and the "sea of glass", including how everything (yep, everything) is being recorded in the lattice as I write. Try Googling "Akashic records". Maybe the ancients understood much more about the universe than we give them credit for. More surprises to come soon.


March 21, 2007 6:00 PM EST

Bible Physics!

I have been meaning to add a Bible physics section to the site for a long time. The first time it occurred to me that the Bible contained amazing scientific secrets was in 1985 while reading the book of Ezekiel. I had read an article by an author who was bent on convincing everyone that Ezekiel was describing a UFO in his vision of the four living beings and of the wheel within a wheel. I soon dismissed that idea as ludicrous. Ezekiel's vision of the four creatures was obviously symbolic and was not meant to be taken literally. As I often do when I have difficulty understanding a text, I would read it over and over in the hope that something might click in my mind. I remember being suddenly filled with the feeling that Ezekiel's creatures were metaphors for subatomic particles. This realization did not come to me by chance however. I had long been a physics fiend, so to speak, although I had grown increasingly disappointed with the physics community and their obvious crackpottery. I had made progress in my research and I had arrived at many conclusions regarding nature. While reading Ezekiel, I was struck by the parallels between the creatures with the four faces and my own findings regarding subatomic particles. It was only a matter of time before I saw the link between Ezekiel's vision and those of John (Revelation 4:6) and Isaiah (6:1-3).

More to come in the next few days, time permitting... In the meantime, please take a look at the new Bible Physics page even though it is under construction.



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