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I can use this section to say hello

PostPosted: Thu Apr 29, 2010 8:16 pm
by Kmenex

My name is Kyle. I am not a very experienced computer programmer but i have scripted some shitty A.I bot for Ultima Online (a mmorpg). Also i have made lots of games and little "programs" in some of those visual programming systems. Some experiance with BASIC as well as SAGE (python) open source CAS system running on virtual machine. I say this because i am still learning. I am very interested in this COSA operating system and am drawn to for certain vague notions it seems to cause me to consider.

I am a student pursuing an applied nanotechnology degree with an interest in self assembly, signal transduction, and functional supra-molecular hybrid inorganic organic nanostructure arrays. Naturally i was drawn to project COSA as i read over the review, whereby my mind was tempted by new possible paradigms of information processing from nanoscale sensors and components, in fact i dare say that the data processing schemes of computational systems directly effect the possible physical architectures, and i aint just talking about "circuit elements" on a 2d chip. In essence, i started to feel like nanostructures and devices are "reactive structures" whereby the transduction of their state (mechanical, electrical, optical..e.c.t) along a diffusion pathway causes exploitable functionality to emerge. Obviously this is similar to traditional micro-fabrication for processing and logic devices.

I am also a raging crackpot of number theory, driven by pure unguided insanity (okay, the colored spheres are responsible). DO not let this misguide you as to what we can talk about, for i am still young and learning will take this entire life.

Aside from that i am interested to watch how this COSA project develops over the years and i am here to learn and give ideas or input when i feel i can.

See you round.

Re: I can use this section to say hello

PostPosted: Fri Apr 30, 2010 6:08 am
by harry666t
Hello Kyle, welcome on board ^^