nothing has come out of 'modern science'

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nothing has come out of 'modern science'

Postby Quaesttasquey » Fri Aug 29, 2014 1:55 am

Hi there ya alll.

I am from Holland and I love to rebel and bash science! Especially scientists who think they "know it all" brrrrrr

why? Well once I have studied physics and mathematics at university level, but haven't finished it, Lucky me! It was all too mechanical to me without any time to
reflect on what is being learnt. The moment | wanted to ask questions or ponder deeply on things, the next topic was introduced!
That is a form of mind control.
Now since I have time to reflect on these topics I have found out it is al bogus, and we were indoctrinated and
being made deliberatly dumb and stupid, while at the same time being indoctrinted into 'thinking' 'we' are the smart ones!
'we' are not. far far fro it. I have found that people with less 'education' were and are much better at free thinking!
Before I have discoverd somethings about 'science' I had to unlearnn a lot, and still do, but I get better and better in that.

Now that being said. I don't know if that is a topic for here,but I will hear if this is the wrong place.
I don't see another place I can put this.


Here I will define "Modern Physics" as the physics right after village idiot einstein entered the stage till now.
"Modern Physics" (from now on abbreviated MP) hasn't given us anything. Nothing! Nada! Noppes! Zilch, Zero! None!
As far as I can see. every 'invention' claimed to be in existence because of MP isn't because of MP at all!
That is because a lot of inventions based on MP can't work, because MP is completely wrong!
In other words, we are being lied to! Ah well, what else is new?

Warm greetings

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