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Rebelling Against Voodoo Science

This site is an alternative to voodoo science, the sort of science that coats itself with a veneer of legitimacy while being not much more valid than the crackpot science that its practitioners love to disparage. Truth is, voodoo science is much more detrimental to our understanding of nature than crackpot science because society is easily fooled by its authoritative mask and may, as a result, spend huge sums of money and decades (if not centuries) chasing after fantasies. Voodoo science regularly gets sold as legitimate science because its champions are adept at making a name for themselves through careful propaganda. They are very skilled at convincing the public (who ultimately pays for it all) that it is too stupid to know the difference between good science and bad science.

There is a foolproof way to spot a voodoo scientist. If a scientist claims to have a theory about a natural phenomenon but is unable to explain the theory in a simple language that the average layman can understand, one can be absolutely certain that he is as clueless about the nature of the phenomenon in question as anybody else. Voodoo science is not about understanding nature but about working at being so incomprehensible or so arcane to one's fellow human beings as to be regarded as brilliant. The weapon of choice of a voodoo scientist is mathematics. The truth is that a scientist's understanding of a phenomenon is inversely proportional to the number of math equations he uses to describe it. Neither Newton's gravity equation nor the equations of General Relativity explain why things fall. But what better way is there to hide one's cluelessness while presenting a façade of erudition than to use obscure equations to erect an impregnable mountain of obfuscation? Voodoo science is guru science.

A voodoo scientist can always count on other voodoo scientists to jump on his bandwagon and act as if they do understand his theory even though they are equally clueless. Vanity is not to be underrated. This creates a sort of tacit collusion among a group of voodoo scientists who may decide to specialize in the theory and build their careers around it. The idea seems to be to spend a great deal of time to learn the complex and carefully constructed rules of the game and hang in there long enough until one can be safely retired. I must say that many do sincerely believe in the importance and correctness of the theories they espouse but sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between a true believer and a hanger-on who merely decides to go along for the ride.

Examples of voodoo science masquerading as legitimate science are all around us: time travel, wormholes, black holes, dimensions curled up into little balls so tiny as to be undetectable, parallel universes, continuum physics, quantum computing, symbolic intelligence, machine consciousness, etc... It is all worthless crackpottery. Yet a few voodoo scientists have managed to amass small fortunes selling some of this stuff to an unsuspecting public, a public that continually thirsts for mysterious things to worship. Hopefully this site will wake a few people up.


The following is a short list of representative essays and blog articles that challenge conventional scientific wisdom.

Nothing Can Move in Spacetime
(Spacetime is a fictitious math construct, famous physicists are clueless about time, time dilation is a misnomer and time travel is crackpottery)

Physics: The Problem With Motion
(Aristotle was right about the causality of motion and, as a result, we are immersed in an immense lattice of energetic particles)

Why Software Is Bad and What We Can Do to Fix It
(The future of software is non-algorithmic and reliability is all in the timing)

How to Solve the Parallel Programming Crisis
(Threads are evil. We need a new threadless software model and a new processor architecture to support it)

(Gravity is an energy conservation phenomenon. It is both instantaneous and nonlocal)

Temporal Intelligence
(Intelligence is mostly about the temporal correlations between discrete sensory signals)


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